Wednesday 26 May 2021

Wednesday, 26-05-21

 Good morning.
Yesterday was very easy eating indeed.  All delicious, all satisfying, all on plan.  Long may it continue.

What I had yesterday:

 Colourful and flavoursome.  I do like a 'bright' meal.

Not nearly so colourful but still delicious.  I had some strawberries afterwards.  Very nice.

The Swedish meatball recipe is in the May/June edition of the SW magazine.

Dinner was an adapted version of the SW burger in a bowl recipe.  I added chopped mushroom and red pepper to the mince, red pepper to the salad and used my own sauce - a tbsp each of sweet mustard ketchup, mayo and tomato puree, slackened with a little water (four syns).
The day's eating finished off with a kvarg.

Today's plans:
I'm going to have to be sensible today as I have some dental surgery first thing and I know I will have to be extremely careful afterwards.

B:  a thick smoothie
I saw this on one of the vlogs I follow, A Taste of Jess.  Basically she blended frozen fruit with milk and some xanthan gum and it came out all thick.  Anyway, I am giving it a go and I'll probably add some skinny syrup for extra flavour.
SW:  up to 250 mls semi skimmed milk for one healthy extra A, the fruit is speed and free and the xanthan gum is free while the yogurt is half a syn.

L:  cheesy tuna melt; yogurt
I found this on the SW site.  Basically, it's a tuna and cheese topper on toast but I'm swapping the toast for a piece of lo dough as that stays soft.   You mix tuna, egg yolk, onion, mayo, cherry tomatoes and jalapeno peppers in a bowl and mix well, pile in to the lo dough, add grated cheese and pop under the grill until the cheese is melting.
I'm not sure the jalapeno is such a good idea and may sub some roasted red pepper instead.  You are supposed to have a salad with it but we'll see.
And yogurt rather than an apple seems sensible too.
SW:  the cheese is my other healthy extra A and the lo dough is two syns, the mayo should be half a syn as is the yogurt

D:  steamed salmon, Jersey royals and peas; yogurt
Self explanatory really and all nice and soft so minimal chewing involved.
SW:  All free except for half a syn for dessert

Body Magic:  depending on how it all goes and how I feel, I might pop down to the allotment later on.  Lindsey said not to do personal training as she's sure the dentist would say no.  She's the expert!

two healthy extra As
no Bs
four syns


  1. Well done on a successful day yesterday. I sincerely hope your dental work isn't too painful or stressful and you can eat today! xx

    1. Thanks, Sooze. I hope you continue to feel better through the day too.

      Day at a time, that seems to work for me at the moment. xx