Sunday 16 May 2021

Sunday, May 16th

 Good morning!
Here I am in a 'garden studio' on Southwold, having totally bust the SW play yesterday evening and not regretting it in the slightest.  After all - first meal of the holiday - know what I mean!

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast was a fried egg on toast (very nice) and some fruit while lunch was more fruit and a nibble of cheese.  No photos as I had packed the camera.

Dinner was as described plus plenty of naughty bits.  That's OK, I enjoyed it very much.  What you can see is steak (from Aldi and very, very nice), oven chips (bought ones, lacking in flavour, should have made them myself) and blue cheese sauce (crème fraiche, blue cheese, salt and pepper - nice but naughty)

My plans for today:

B:  fruit platter and yogurt
I have some nice fruit - pineapple and cherries as well as the more usual, so I'm looking forward to this very much.
SW:  the yogurt is half a syn and the fruit is free or speed

L:  cheese roll, salad, fruit
This will be a picnic along the sea front, weather permitting.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get any wholemeal rolls in the very small Tesco here (it was Saturday evening, to be fair) and I didn't want to buy a loaf.  An home I freeze loaves and they do me for weeks.  I managed to get a small two-pack of white rolls and they will have to do me for a couple of days.  I'm sure there's a bread shop along the high street and, hopefully, I can get some wholemeal rolls tomorrow.
SW:  I'm calling the roll a B choice (it isn't really it's an instead of!), up to two As for cheese, half a syn for some mayo, two syns for some spread and the rest is speed

D:  corned beef hash, broccoli and roasted parsnips; kvarg
Everyone has their own version of corned beef hash; mine is how my mum made it when we were little,
I will spray fry some sliced onion and some chopped mushroom, then add some cooked potato (either chunks or mash) and fry that until it's going crispy round the edges and then add chunks of corned beef to fry for just a bit longer.  All is spray oil, as will be the parsnips.  I actually didn't bring any 'proper' oil with me.
SW:  the whole can of lean corned beef is three syns and the rest is speed or free.  I might use a syn on some Crucials bbq sauce too.  dessert is half a syn.

Body Magic:  a nice long walk along the beach

up to two healthy extra As
sort of one B
seven and a half syns

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