Monday 20 May 2024

Monday evening, 20-05-24

Good evening, everyone.  
It's been a very busy day today and the steps are good, despite not getting my circuits class in (see other blog for details).
Not to worry, lovely Lindsey can fit me into her Wednesday circuits class instead.

What I have eaten today:

I was feeling a bit peckish before I left for circuits so I broke my fast with an apple.

Overnight oats for breakfast.  So very delicious; it tastes a bit like an icecream free sundae or a trifle.  Very creamy

Half a healthy extra B for 20g oats and a quarter of a healthy extra A for some milk
Honey and soy turkey, adapted from honey and soy duck salad from the BBC Good Food site.  Actually, quite heavily adapted but it was delicious.
I mixed one tbsp honey with ditto of soy sauce and that was the dressing.  I mixed it into some leftover turkey and warmed it all up in the microwave before serving it on a bed of salad.  Later on, I had an orange.

Two and a half syns for one tbsp runny honey.
Just a classic pasta bake using more of the leftover turkey and it was delicious.
No dessert, I was full up.

One and a half healthy extra As

two healthy extra As (pretty much)
half a healthy extra B
two and a half syns

Tomorrow's meal plans

B:  cooked breakfast

L:  toastie (using the last of the turkey) and salad; fruit

D:  chicken tortellini (leftovers from the freezer), side salad; fruit

Exercise:  Groove class with the walk thee and back with Chris.

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