Wednesday 29 May 2024

Wednesday evening, 29-05-24

Good evening, everyone.  
Things are definitely picking up a bit, thankfully.  Back on track again after several days of very mixed and muddled eating which really hasn't helped either my physical or mental well being.

Slimming World has brought out what they call Slimming World Kitchen which is like Gousto or Hello Fresh but for SW syn free meals.  You have to order between three and five meals in a box, they can be for two or four and you can order the boxes weekly, fortnightly or monthly (I think).
There's a choice of fifteen meals per box and skipping or cancelling looks very easy.  You don't have to search for a hidden link/button as you do with some subscription services.
Included in each box is everything you need apart from salt, pepper and spray oil plus a booklet that contains all the recipes (fifteen) that you chose from.

Sounds good, doesn't it?   The catch is that they are horrendously expensive - as, indeed, all these subscription meal services are.
I thought I would give it a go and ordered three two portion meals which came to £34.50 with free delivery.  That's a lot in anyone's book.
I expect that the amounts will be generous (they always are) and will probably do three meals rather than two and that most of them will be freezable (I chose with that in mind) but even so . . . phew.   I can't see me wanting to order more than maybe once a month at most.

The site is now live.
and it's worth a look because the recipes are there to look at and copy/use although I'm not sure if you have to subscribe before you can see the recipes or not - because I have subscribed.

They start delivering on June 12th and I have one arrive on the 13th.  I'll let you know . . .

What I have eaten today:

I had some fruit for breakfast, partly fresh and partly thawed from the freezer.  
The three whole strawberries in the middle are from my strawberry patch.  I love it when I can pick home grown produce, even if it is only a little bit.
Syn free.

I had planned cheese on toast for lunch but didn't have any bread (I do now - I made a couple of loaves today), so I got out a wrap and used my crimpit to make a cheese, egg and tomato wrap thingy.  OK, so it didn't seal properly and it had limited time in the Ninja because of the edge catching but nice.  
It was filling too - I couldn't finish the salad and I'm really glad I forgot I had intended to chop some apple into it.

Two healthy extra As, one healthy extra B, one syn for mayo in the coleslaw.

Some days ago I made a lemon chicken thingy using a Scott Baptie recipe.  It made loads of sauce so I froze it and today had it with added chicken, some basmati rice (also from the freezer) and some green beans (ditto freezer).  Can you tell it is the end of the month and I am trying to not shop until Saturday?
Sorry, no photo - I forgot.

Two and a half syns.

Tomorrow's meal plans

B:  fruit

L:  not sure

D:  Mexican chicken traybake

Exercise:  an online class

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