Saturday 18 May 2024

Saturday, 18-05-24

Good evening, everyone.  
Back on it after lunch out yesterday.

What I have eaten today:

I wanted to make 'English' pancakes rather than the thicker puffy American ones so I added some extra milk to the mix and skipped the baking powder.
I sprinkled them with lemon juice and sweetener before rolling them up and adding fruit on top.  A really lovely breakfast for a Saturday morning.

A bit of a healthy extra A, half a healthy extra B.

A bit later, I had an apple.
Just bog-standard cheesy beans on toast for lunch - and isn't it good!

One and a half As, half a B and half a syn for some brown sauce in the beans.

Dessert was an orange.

Later on I nibbled on some cheese (measured) for six syns.

Dinner was nasi goreng from Scott Baptie's site.  It's one of his 'free' recipes and here's the link.
I've made this before using a Simply Cook kit and I think I liked this one better than that.  It was quick, easy, simple and, as I had some ketjap manis, I had everything needed.
Underneath the cucumber and watercress there's chicken, onion, rice, egg, and a mixture of spices.  I dolloped on some yogurt after taking the photo and it really was very good indeed.

The ketjap manis was half a syn for what I had and I am pretty sure everything else was syn free.

Afterwards I made a semi iced dessert with frozen cherries and yogurt.

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
seven syns, despite the 'naughty' nibble of cheese.
Tomorrow's meal plans

B:  soufflé omelette with fruit and yogurt

L:  roast turkey leg, roasties, vegetables; fruit

D:  cheesy turkey pasta bake, side salad; fruit

Exercise:  rest day

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