Sunday 19 May 2024

Sunday evening, 19-05-24

Good evening, everyone.  

What I have eaten today:

Breakfast - a soufflé omelette with blackberries and raspberries and it was lovely.  More filling than it looks too.
One egg, separated.  Whisk the white.  Add yogurt and flavours to the yolk - I used vanilla and Sugarly - and whisk that up until a bit foamy.
Fold the two together and cook, firstly in a non stick pan over a medium heat and then the bottom has set, pop under the grill until the top sets too.

Syn free.
Just a roast dinner.  I slow roasted a turkey drumstick (and got loads of meat off it), air fryer roasted some sweet potato and boiled/steamed the rest.

One syn for gravy made with the turkey stock.
(I have plenty of stock too after boiling up the drumstick bone and all the 'bits').

Later on I had an orange.

I didn't fuss with hunter's turkey, I just mixed everything together, topped it with cheese and popped it under the grill.  With a salad, it was really very tasty even though the turkey shreds sort of 'mushed' with everything else.  Nice in a quesadillas.
Dessert was a couple of apples.

One and a half healthy extra As, one syn for pumpkin seeds, one syn for salad cream.
Tomorrow's meal plans

B:  overnight oats (already put together and sitting in the fridge overnight)

L:  honey and soy turkey salad; fruit

D:  turkey pasta bake, side salad; fruit

Exercise:  circuits class


  1. You certainly did get a lot off that turkey drumstick - 4 meals plus the stock, that's great. xx

    1. I honestly think I might get another meal out of it too - they really are splendid value, aren't they? And the flavour is good too, even if the texture is not like the white meat. xx