Saturday, 18 November 2017

Recipe: carrot cake baked oats

It's a weird one, this, as the title makes you think 'cake' but I know that baked oats are really just like a stiff porridge with a crust on the top.

This was nice though.  I didn't have any cinnamon (how could I run out of cinnamon?) so I subbed some mango powder but it wasn't the same, of course.  Nor was the sweetener (stevia), if I am totally honest, but I think that's worth working on. 

And I made half amounts because two eggs, 40g oats AND a big pot of yogurt . . . way too much, both frugally and in amount.  Half quantity was easy, filling and lasted.  I had breakfast late and it kept me satisfied almost until dinner time.  I have to admit that by late afternoon my tum rumbled a bit but I managed to hold out!
I shall do this one again!

I'm not posting the recipe here because you can find it on the wonderful Pinch of Nom site, here
There's lots of other baked oats recipes there too.  I want to try the orange marmalade one next. 

And overnight oats - now there's a thing that I want to try too.  Good old oats should be great for my cholesterol levels (I hope)!

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