Sunday, 26 November 2017

Sunday. 26-11-17

Today's plans:
B:  porridge with pineapple and natural yogurt
S:  apple
L:  toast and marmalade
S:  grapes
D:  slow cooked lamb leg steak, a few roasties (made the SW way!), carrots and peas, then fresh fruit salad and natural yogurt

The freezer challenge
bread for the toast
lamb steak

The frugal factor:
breakfast and lunch are both super-cheap, even with the tinned pineapple counted as I don't have much
The lamb steak wouldn't be frugal if it was my provision, but it isn't  :-)

I have an overloaded freezer and have challenged myself to take out much more than I put in!
I want to make the most of my hard earned pension so am aiming for sensible frugality in my meal planning and making.
However, I have recently diagnosed gallbladder issues (with an op at some time in the future), high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.  Oh, and more than a few lbs to lose.  I like flavour but need to go very low fat.  
Is it possible?  No idea, but I'm giving it a good go and sharing the 'journey' in here.  Thanks for reading and any comments you would like to make are very welcome.

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