Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Recipe: ham and lentil soup (no added fat/oil)

This makes enough for one pretty hungry person and is very, very easy.

1/4 onion, chopped
a bit of celery (same amount as the onion), chopped
half a smallish carrot, washed and chopped
30g red lentils
300mls ham stock**
pepper (no salt, see below)
little bit of garlic puree
pinch dried mixed herbs

Place everything in a saucepan, bring to a boil and simmer until everything is cooked.
Zizz to required smoothness.  Taste and adjust seasoning if required.  Serve piping hot.

**  I had some ham stock from boiling a little ham on Monday.  As the ham was 'green', it wasn't too salty and the stock was just right.  If it's too salty, it will need diluting before use.
If you don't have ham stock, you can use any other stock; then it will be lentil, not ham and lentil soup.

In a Thermomix, put everything in the bowl and cook for 20 mins, 100C, speed 4.  Then zizz for about 20 seconds.  Reheat to 98 just before serving.

Edited to add that I used a bit of cooking bacon (all fat cut off) today instead of stock and it has come out beautifully.  I also added a bit of low fat soft cheese for added creaminess and it needed a bit of salt.  Gorgeous


  1. Thanks for posting this. I have ham stock from Monday too, and was planning soup but haven't found a recipe I fancied/that was easy enough. I will try this, though might use yellow split peas instead of red lentils.

  2. I have some stock left over and thought about using split peas - I think they're the ones you don't have to soak, aren't they?
    J x

    1. It says no need to soak on the pack, but it is proving to be a very long/slow cook. Smells gorgeous though. I may take some to work for lunch tomorrow (but our staff room microwave is rubbish, and i only get 15 mins, which generally means cold food/underheated food/unsatisfying cereal and/or indigestion!

    2. Oh, thank you. I don't have the bag, I tipped them into a jar. I thin k the flavour is better with a long, slow cook.
      We ended up with two microwaves, two toasters and two dishwashers in out staffroom and there were still queues!
      J x

    3. Having now started to make the soup, I realised I had the wrapper in the container with the peas and it says that the peas do need soaking. Oooops! So I have ground them into powder in the hopes that they won't take too long.
      J x

    4. One more comment - yes, it worked!
      J x