Friday 4 October 2019

Saturday, 05-10-19

Good morning.
Here I am, comfortably settled at Center Parcs in my very pleasant apartment, sitting up in bed, coffee to hand and with absolutely no commitments whatsoever for a whole week.  Oh, what a hard life, eh?

The food worked out more or less as planned yesterday except that I bought a wholemeal mini baguette which I counted as my healthy extra B plus six syns (I had it neat and it was lovely and fresh) and the bits and bobs roasted dinner was really tasty.  There was so much chicken that I took a bit out to go into the soup today.

Today's plans:
B:  a cooked breakfast of bacon, egg and tomatoes - and I will get the bacon on my early morning walk to also get the paper.
SW:  three syns for half a tbsp oil

L:  roasted squash and lentil soup (with that bit of added chicken), piece of fruit
I made this earlier on in the week too and it's really is very delicious!
SW:  free

D:  steak, SW friendly chips and a simple salad, yogurt
No actifry, of course, so I'll have to make the chips the old fashioned way.
SW:  I might spend a syn or two on some dijon mustard - I tried to look the syns up yesterday evening but kept getting an error message so maybe there was a problem with the site.  The yogurt will be two syns

Ss:  fruit.  I also have two healthy extra As and one B but might just skip them today.

Body Magic:  well, loads of walking and loads of swimming.  I'll probably take the stairs rather than the lift too.

And finally - what does a Slimming World girl take on holiday with her?
These, of course!  Excuse me while I polish my halo!


  1. That halo must (should) be extremely shiny! Well done on your resolve, it's not easy to continue eating well (not naughtily, in other words) on holiday. Have a lovely week. xx

    1. My fingers are crossed. It can be very hard, can't it?
      Thanks very much, Sooze.

  2. God holiday reading, Joy! The bits & bobs dinner looks great - I like mix-ups too!
    Centre Parcs how lovely. Hope you have had a really relaxing break