Wednesday 23 October 2019

Wednesday, 23-10-19

Good morning.

Just a quick one as I have Matt the Plumber here doing 'plumby' things.

B:  yogurt and fruit

L:  veg soup

D:  salmon, veg and actifry chips

S:  fruit

BM:  it's personal training day today!


  1. Hmmm yoghurt and fruit sound nice. I have a tub of yoghurt to use up and some frozen mango. I might have that for lunch..

  2. Joy, I wonder if you have heard about VB6. It stands for "Vegetarian Before 6p.m." and is a healthy way of eating. It looks like today's menu would fit that criteria. I am trying it out but not expecting to lose weight, just eating in a more healthy manner. I don't think we need more than about 4 ounces of meat a day. I have to admit I eat eggs and peanut butter, both sources of protein, during the day so not too strict about it!

    1. I haven't but quite a lot of my meals are veggie friendly. Apart from anything else, they are great value, especially home made. I'm not sure I need any more restriction although it is an interesting thought, thanks.