Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Wednesday, 30-10-19

Good morning.

Firstly, a feedback on the spiced pumpkin cake for taster evening tomorrow.  Don't bother.  It smelt wonderful while cooking but tasted of very little and the texture was like a stodgy pud without the heaviness.  Some things don't take a compromise and I guess cake is one of them.
If I doubled the flour (which is possible and it would still be syn-reasonable) the texture might be better but there was a lack of depth, probably because of the artificial sweetner.
For once in my life, I wasted food as it went straight in the bin.  Ah, well.
I shall take a chicken, sausage and mushroom risotto instead.  I know that works, it's a thermomix recipe so very easy and better for us as well!

Today's plans:
B:  fruit and yogurt
SW free

L:  soup of some kind and fruit
I'll probably roast some veg - onion, carrot, squash and sweet potato, then add some stock and some butterbeans and zizz it all up to smooth.  I might add some spice like cumin and coriander too.

D:  baked salmon, SW style chips, veg
Nice and simple.
SW:  hopefully, free, unless I treat myself to a few syns for some oil to make the chips - it'll be a maximum of three.

Ss:  fruit, probably

BM:  an hour of PT with Lindsey

I know - a complete absence of healthy extras.  Normally, I would add some milk to the soup but I have a friend staying who can't have dairy and I'm not confident enough about soya milk.
Once in a while won't hurt and, at a pinch, I could afford two syns and milk to make a nice choccy drink before bedtime.  I'll see how I feel then.


  1. Morning Joy. I like zizzed beans, especially butter beans, in soup - makes it nice and creamy, as well as adding more protein and being more filling. What a disappointment about the cake, but we live and learn. We have to experiment and try these things though, don't we? xx

    1. I'm glad I gave it a go, yes, although not glad about the waste. Now I know.
      Butter beans are fantastic for giving a soup creaminess without naughty cream! I love them too.