Sunday 6 October 2019

Sunday, 06-10-19

Good morning.

Today was a very active day, very active indeed, and I hit a problem!
After a lovely long swim, I went home (back to the apartment, I mean) and I was so, so very hungry!  I had my planned lunch plus an extra orange, thoroughly enjoyed my longer walk around the village outskirts in the sunshine but was even more hungry way before dinner time.  I sort of contained it with some olives (rather a lot! - they were lovely) and a big bag of my favourite salted popcorn (I was so tempted to have crisps and chocolate) and then had my healthy extras in the form of a cheese sandwich.  I was way too tired to cook any dinner and was in bed and asleep before eight as it had been an early start to the day.  I never sleep too well frst night in a different bed.
It was all very haphazard although, with all the exercise, I don't believe I went too badly over in calories.

I think I need to up the carbs a bit more while I'm being so active  as it was carbs I was 'craving' so I will spend more of my syns than I usually do and the next few days certainly won't be anywhere near SP days.  Also, I have various SW free protein things in cans like tuna, M&S chunky steak, etc, and will use them, if needed.  Go with the flow and make it work for me!

The only meal I took a photo of was breakfast; It was lovely!
(yes, I did cut the fat off the bacon!)

Here's today's plans.

B:  pumpkin oat waffles with berries and a good dollop of yogurt; maybe an easy peeler too
SW:  one healthy extra B

L:  cheesy baked beans on toast, apple, orange
SW:  one healthy extra A and six syns for the bread

D:  steak and cheesy chips are on the menu; then a Mullerlight
I had prepped the chips in the afternoon and put them in water so I must have them today or chuck them and I'm not doing that!  After such a long soak, they should come out all nice and crunchy!
SW:  four syns for 2 tsps of oil and one for two tsps Dijon mustard.  Maybe two syns for some super low mayo to dunk the chips.  Also one healthy extra A for the cheese.

Ss:  fruit or as described above, protein-y things.

Body Magic:  The weather is forecast to be dreadful today, mostly torrential rain, so I guess I won't be walking the distance I did yesterday but I will get out - after all, what's an umbrella for, eh?  Plus, of course, the swim. 

Fingers crossed today is more organised!  :-)


  1. I'm a firm believer in our bodies telling us what we need (eg your craving for carbs), we just need to listen to them better. I could eat your lovely breakfast right now (although probably not the tomatoes!). xx

    1. Well, to a certain degree, so am I - but maybe not as specific as chocolate and salt and vinegar crisps!!! I feel good about my plans for the day so here's hoping they work well.
      I brought a big bag of tomatoes from home so they will feature quite a lot in meals, I expect.

  2. When we are tired our bodies crave sugar but modern foods like chocolate etc are laden with fat too. I make one if the chocolate bean cakes every week and that is my sweet fix without too many carbs.

    1. I'm going to have a go t turning the Pumpkin oat waffle recipe into sort of cake as the texture is really pretty 'cakey'. I think it was the tiredness too. Today has been quite different.

  3. Sadly I crave carbs most of my life! Trying hard - another pound off last Monday but not too sure about tomorrow's weigh in as I've been away at my daughters and although she cooks very healthy meals (and no puds) we did treat ourselves to chocolate, and I had cake too.

    1. My cravings are usually of the salty carb variety. Maybe that's why the olives hit the spot. Good luck for tomorrow - it might be better than you think.