Friday 3 November 2023

Friday, 03-11-23: Mini-Spicemas day 3

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to my maintaining on Slimming World blog where I talk about the meals I enjoy while maintaining my target weight and keeping a healthy balanced diet.

Weigh day today and it is a taster session at group.  Fingers crossed that Biscuit-Binge hasn't taken me out of target range - I have concerns.  

Today's spice sachet is Original Salad Topping.  Interesting.  I contains seeds, herbs, various different peppers, all ground small but not into powder, judging by how it feels through the packet.
The site says:
Spice up salads with just a few pinches
Perfect in salad dressings too
Delicious with cream cheese & vegetable bowls
Fortunately, I have a friend over for lunch so I will sprinkle some over the salad we are having with our toasties.

So far, this is working well - I was hoping to find a use for each sachet on the day I get it and, although I forgot day 1, yesterday's was really nice.  

Yesterday's meal photos:

By the time I got round to thinking about breakfast, it was nearly twelve, so I scaled my ideas down and just had the avocado bagel.  The topping is called 'Avocado Topping' and is basically a bit of heat, a bit of sea salt and a variety of peppercorns and was really, really tasty.
The recipe for this carrot and lentil soup is from the wonderful Slimming Eats site and here's a link.
It was pretty spicy but very, very delicious and a sprinkled a bit more of the avocado topping over - it went well.

I had an easy peeler for afters and later I munched on a carrot and then an apple

This would have been really nice with a tortilla, salsa, etc, but it was good just as it was.  The Mexican all rounder spice sachet was very nice - nothing out of the usual but very good.

That was the end of the day's eating as I was full up.

Today's meal plans:

B:  taster session at group - no idea but it is usually very SW-friendly.  After all, that's the idea.

L:  toasties and salad; fruit
I have a friend around and toasties is a great fall-back lunch.  Everyone loves a toastie!
SW:  one healthy extra A and one B

D:  I know this sounds counter intuitive, but I am craving a take away Indian so I might just give in this once - or common sense might prevail, in which case it will be chicken and bacon casserole (done overnight in the slow cooker) with rice.
SW:  either lord only knows or syn free.

After a less than joyous result on the scales this week, guess what - it's chicken casserole for dinner.  :-)

Exercise:  rest day

I honestly have no idea because of breakfast, regardless of what I choose for dinner.

Another edit.  I know now.
one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
three syns (from the taster breakfast

I'm out all day tomorrow (Saturday) so won't be posting.  Back to normal on Sunday.
For information:
The Slimming World structure:
While following the plan, you can have . . .

Any amount of speed and free food - BUT try to have a third of your plate as speed food as a sub for free food, NOT as well as . . .  Eat to satisfaction, not to stuffed-ness!

Two healthy extra As (calcium) and one healthy extra B (fibre) - details in the SW pack and on the SW web site/app.

Between five and fifteen syns-worth of synned food - again, details in the pack, site and app.  They are a limit to stay within, not a target to hit.

As a target member, I can also have . . .

Another two healthy extras each day
Another fifteen syns up to three times each week
BUT - only if I need/want to.  It's a limit, not a target

. . . with the ultimate aim of not needing to count healthy extras, syns, etc at all but just knowing and eating well instinctively.


  1. Those spice sachets sound interesting. It sounds as though it adds something a bit more interesting. The avocado bagel looks delicious.

    1. I haven't really tried many but but the avocado topping spice certainly does add something. I'm really looking forward to trying them all. xx