Monday 28 December 2020

Monday, 28-12-20

 Good morning!  
I feel so much better this morning , despite crashing a bit yesterday evening.  Not to worry, it happens and if I've learnt anything it is that bad habits are harder to lose than good ones, particularly where food is concerned!
I've been decidedly un-frugal this morning and chucked out some unhelpful rubbish food.  Not loads, but enough to trip me up.  All the stuff I want to keep is now in the freezer, pretty much, down to some little pots of stilton, one A choice per pot - it'll do for soup or sauce.
I've been searching around for turkey leftover recipes, as you can probably tell from the meals I am planning!  It's fun.

Here's yesterday's meal photos:

Porridge to the right and some fruit to the left - a plum, grapes and an easy peeler so that's two speedy fruits and one free.
A nice, simple, un-fancy breakfast to start addressing the imbalance of the past few days.
The festive toastie went down a real treat although I'd have liked a bit more cranberry sauce.  It wasn't syns, it was because it's all used up now.  I have another pot in the freezer but will be saving that in case we manage a whole family Christmas in the summer - you never know . . .

Dinner was a bit gloomy looking in comparison to breakfast and lunch but it was delicious.  I will look out for that katsu curry paste again in Morrisons because, for the syns, it was well worth it.
I'm no gastronomic expert and, undoubtedly, it isn't going to be an 'authentic' product, but it was nice!

Just a shame about the nibbles and drinks afterwards!

Today's plans.

B:  bacon, egg, tomatoes and mushroom
A good old SW friendly cooked breakfast.  Lovely
SW:  free, protein and speed

L:  coronation turkey rice and salad; fruit
I have a recipe for coronation chicken/turkey that works with SW and involves the usual mayo, quark, mango chutney, etc, using apple instead of dried apricots, although I have some frozen apricot slices in the freezer so might use them instead.  There's some rice left over from last night so I will use that as a base and pile the mixture on top.  I have plenty of salad to use.
SW:  one and a half syns for mango chutney, one syn for light mayo and I think that's it.

D:  turkey, bacon and potato layer bake, sprouts, broccoli; yogurt
Basically, the idea of this is that you layer slices of par-cooked potato with onion, bacon and shredded turkey, tomato, finishing off with potato, add some good stock, seasoning and grated cheese, baking, covered, until everything is fully cooked and then giving it ten minutes or so to brown the cheese.  Actually, I think I won't add the cheese until I do the last bit.
SW:  up to two healthy extra As for cheese and I think that's about it.

Snack:  if yesterday is anything to go by, I might get peckish between lunch and tea so, while I don't usually do snacks, I'm planning one in today, just in case.  A turkey and salad sandwich or roll.
SW:  one healthy extra B for bread, two syns for two tsps of half fat butter.  The rest is free.

Summary:  up to two As and one B plus about five syns.

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