Sunday 27 December 2020

Sunday, 27-12-20

 Good morning.
After three day's of self indulgence (and they were lovely), I'm back on the wagon again as from this morning.  Even if I didn't want to, my rather fuzzy head would be pushing me in that direction.

I've managed to farm off most of the edible naughties onto Beth and Alex and the alcohol will go back to where I store it irritatingly far from the house.  I have a lot of soft drinks left over but, as they are all of the sugar free type, they will be a positive help.

(I'm staying with the festive dividers until the end of the month)

Here's my plans for today:

B:  porridge, fresh fruit.
Just plain porridge with some sort of skinny syrup to sweeten and I have a mixture of fruit that needs using up in the next week.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the oats and half a healthy extra A for some milk

L:  turkey, cranberry and brie toasties with a simple salad; fruit
What it says really.  I know I have already had a B choice but I'm having two As and two Bs today.  OK, I know that brie is not a healthy extra but I am flexible enough to call it so!  So there.  Nine syns-worth, if I need that much, as a healthy extra is around 120 calories/six syns.
SW:  one and a half healthy extra As (sort of) for around forty five grams of brie, one healthy extra B for the bread,  three syns for two tbsp cranberry sauce (might be less, won't be more) plus a few syns for mayo, if I have some.

D:  Christmas curry; yogurt
I have a jar of katsu curry paste, one syn per level tbsp so I shall assume three tbsp with a nice lot of turkey and veg plus some rice.  I won't be doing the usual katsu thing of frying in breadcrumbs though
SW:  up to three syns for the paste, half a syn for the yogurt

Body magic:  I was going to take a walk but the weather outside is horrible so I will stay in the warm, bustle around getting things sorted out and generally burn off a few calories by being a bit active

Summary:  two As and two Bs plus up to ten syns

It's OK to have two As and Bs on maintenance although I am totally sure that I am out of my three-pounds-either-side-of-target weight.  I'm not worried though.  I'll be up for a few weeks and then I will be within target range again.  I am relaxed about that.

How did Christmas go for you? 


  1. It's definitely not walking weather here. I think a little stint on the exercise bike wouldn't do me any harm today. I wasn't at all hungry so skipped breakfast this morning and am trying to drink plenty of water. My liver will thank me for it :-)

    1. Indeed it will. And I agree, no point eating for the sake of eating, is there.