Saturday 26 December 2020

Saturday, Boxing Day, 26-12-20

 Good morning!  
How was your Christmas day.  I'm hoping it was a lovely as mine.  In one respect it was different to usual, what with limited numbers and a family chat on Zoom instead, but in many ways it was just the same and I enjoyed it.

I did say I'd be back on the SW plan on Boxing Day but I'm going to defer this just one more day.  To be honest, there are things to use up, finish off, etc, and I'm not throwing away any more than I can possibly help.
Then, I might just take things really carefully for a few days rather than going back to full on syns/healthy extras/etc.
So - there will be detailed meal plans tomorrow and then ongoing again.

Just one photo.  It looks enormous, doesn't it, but Christmas dinner is largely pretty healthy with lean meat and loads of veg.  And it was lovely!

Happy Boxing Day, everyone.  


  1. I wasn't hungry til I saw that it looks delicious and I love veggies. Hope you are having a lovely relaxing day. x

    1. I am, thanks, and I've managed to farm off a whole load of naughties on to Beth and Alex. Excellent.