Tuesday 29 December 2020

Tuesday, 29-12-20-

 Good morning.

Yesterday's photos.

I really didn't fancy the planned breakfast so didn't have it - instead, I feasted on easy peelers and a lovely, ripe pear.  I have bags of fruit to use so that's good.

This was lunch, all poshed up by serving on a big plate and looking considerably more than it really was.  Very tasty though; I like coronation chicken (or turkey)

I did have the planned snack and it was just the ticket.   I'm well glad I planned it in although I must get out of the snacky habit again soon.

Dinner was a tasty layer bake.  It looks like a right plateful but about three quarters of it is speed veg.  It went down a treat!

I layered cooked potato, onion, chopped turkey, sliced mushroom and red pepper and tomato, with a bit of salt and pepper, then laid over some bacon medallions, finishing off with more cooked sliced potato.  I spooned over a bit of turkey stock and sprayed some oil before baking it, covered in foil, at around 180C for half an hour.  Then I sprinkled over some grated cheddar and gave it another twenty minutes, uncovered, while the vegetables cooked.
Today's plans:

B:  mince pie wheats, yogurt and fruit
Just what it says.
SW:  one healthy extra B

L:  leek, carrot and lentil soup; fruit
I made this a couple of weeks ago and the leek really made it tasty.  All I do it bung in the chopped veg with some chicken stock and a bit of seasoning/garlic granules and some sort of spice, usually Cajun spice.  I boil it up and blend it down and, if it's very thick, will add some quark to it, maybe, or a dash of milk.
SW:  the basic recipe is speed, free and protein.  If I add milk, it can be part of an A.

D:  Turkey, veg and tomato cheesy pasta bake, sprouts; yogurt
Pretty much the same as any old pasta bake really, but using turkey.  I'll bake it in the oven with grated cheese while the sprouts are cooking.  I can use butter to start off the onion etc as I'm pretty low in syns today.
I know I'm eating loads of sprouts but a) they are lovely and b) I have plenty to use up!
SW:  Three syns for half a tbsp butter and most of my two healthy extras on grated cheddar plus half a syn for dessert

Body Magic:  Goodness knows.  I've been really bad at this over the last few weeks .  It's jolly cold outside and I am singularly disinclined to go out, both because of the cold and also because of being in tier four and the Covid 19 variant which is spreading rapidly in this corner of the country.

Summary:  two As and one B, three and a half syns


  1. Thanks, Laurie. I hope to continue to be creative and helpful come the New Year.

  2. I love your Christmassy chinaware, Joy. Well done on getting back on plan. I had 5 days of indulgence but back on it now, if not quite totally in the zone. Tomorrow I'm going to make some brownies to used up the remaining bars of Christmas chocolate. I shall take them to my granddaughters' house. The tin of Quality Street has been hidden by Husband and I'll be allowed one in an evening if I've had a good day.

    1. Thanks, Eloise. The china will be put away soon and I will miss it very much but that's what makes it special; around Christmas-time, isn't it?
      The brownies sound wonderful and, while I have managed without Quality Street, maybe - next year . . .