Tuesday 15 December 2020

Tuesday, 15-12-20

 Good morning.

Yesterday's meals:
I didn't have any breakfast in the end.  By the time I'd got over the dentist, it was so close to lunch that it was hardly worth it.

Lunch made up for it though - in flavour anyway.  I think I've now used up the last of this year's passata which is a shame but I've certainly enjoyed it.  This soup has chicken stock, passata, three roasted red peppers from a jar, onion, carrot, garlic granules, just a hint of cajun spice, tomato puree and salt.  Alex and I had some and there's a portion left for another time.

This is the fruit I had afterwards - lovely!

And  in the evening, a jolly good roast dinner Speed, protein and free with one and a half syns for oil and three for the sugar in the cranberry sauce.
I finished off with a Mullerlight.

Today's plans:

B:  bacon and baked beans
The beans are leftovers and the bacon is Very Nice Bacon so this should be lovely!
Breakfast has to be earlier today as I'm playing Santa this morning.
SW:  free

L:  ham salad; fruit
Very simple
SW:  protein, speed and free

D:  chicken, pepper and mushroom in a cheesy sauce, rice, sprouts; yogurt
I have a chicken to use up so today I will strip all the meat off and then pop the carcass into the slow cooker.
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese wedges for the sauce, two syns for oil (or maybe butter) and half a syn for dessert.  The chicken is protein, the onion, mushroom and sprouts are all speed and the rice is free.

Body Magic:  a walk

Summary:  one healthy extra A and two and a half syns

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