Thursday 17 December 2020

Thursday, 17-12-20

 Good morning.  Zoom meeting this evening so weigh day.  Fingers crossed, please.  I have to have my results in this morning so will weigh just before midday.  It was suggested that I could have weighed yesterday at around five thirty which is the usual time but a day early.  I might do that next week.

Yesterday's photos.

A very nice breakfast and more filling that you would imagine.
I've realised that what I bought wasn't really nutty muesli, it was really nutty granola which is how an A choice and it quite high on the syns.  Darn it!  I'll go back to Aldi at some point, early morning, to see if I can find the muesli.
That's why there's precious little in the yogurt - but it IS delicious and a little went a long way.

I wasn't particularly hungry at lunch time so didn't have anything.  Later on I had three babybel lights for one healthy extra A choice instead.

When I rootled in the freezer, the first fish that came to hand was this smoked basa so that's what I had.  The vegetable rice turned out really flavoursome.

I had some leftover rice.  Just plain, boiled basmati rice.
I chopped up a bit of onion, a bit of pepper and some mushroom stalks and got some peas and sweetcorn from the freezer.  I softened the veg in some spray oil, added the rice and warmed it up, then stirred in some bacon flavoured 'spice' which I discovered a couple of months ago and is really tasty.
A simple way of jazzing up leftovers.

By the way - small plate, not huge amount of fish!
My plans for today are:

B:  fruit and yogurt
I rather like this breakfast.  It's more filling than it sounds.  
SW:  speed, free and protein

L:  scrambled eggs on toast; fruit
I've planned this but I have an appointment with the dentist in the afternoon so might not feel like it (pre-visit nerves).  We will see.
SW:  one healthy extra B and two syns for one tsp butter.  If I have some grated cheese on top, that will be an A choice

D:  steak, cheesy chips, peas or salad; kvarg; small bottle of wine
My usual well done/bad luck dinner after SW meeting apart from the wine - I just fancy a little bottle today - one of those not quite miniatures.. The chips will be done in the actifry, using spray oil.
On reflection, steak might be a bit silly although it is usually very tender.  I'll see what my dentist says and might sub the steak for some more fish in which case I will also hold the wine.
SW:  one healthy extra A and nine and a half syns

Body Magic:  step and balance exercises

Summary:  two healthy extra As, one B and eleven and a half syns (less if I don't have the wine)


  1. I hope weigh in gives a happy result, and that the dentist trip isn't too traumatic for you xx

    1. Thanks, Sooze. My fingers are crossed today. Hope you are OK. xx

  2. I will be glad - it's been tough one way or another. Thanks, Laurie.

  3. That smoked Basa looks lovely and isn't something I even knew existed. Hope the dentist is gentle with you.

    1. It was really nice. I thin I got it from the Somerfield fish counter but can't be sure.