Monday, 26 September 2022

Monday, 26-09-22

 Good morning, everyone.

Confession time first - still no photos.  I just forget because I'm totally out of routine.  Sorry!
Suzanne isn't terribly excited about cooking, etc, so we are quite happy that she does the driving and I do the meals - something that suits us both perfectly!   

Yesterday's food:
Breakfast was weetabix, yogurt and milk and then an orange.  Nice and SW friendly!
Lunch was in a little café at the foot of Peveril Castle hill and it was a delicious brie and bacon baguette with a little side salad.  I couldn't finish either¬ but it was very good.
Then dinner was the Simply Cook chicken tagine and that, too, was really good.  It made loads so that's this evening sorted out.

Today's plans:
Very subject to change but that's OK.

B:  probably scrambled eggs on toast for me

L:  really not sure.  We might lunch out or we might come back to the cottage and have ryvita, cheese, salad, etc.

D:  jacket potato with the leftovers of the chicken tagine from yesterday plus a bit of salad.

E:  I had loads of exercise yesterday - first down into Peak Cavern and back up again and then up the hill to Peveril castle and back down again - and well over 12,000 steps.  Today might not be quite as energetic but it'll still be more than OK.

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