Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Tuesday, 27-09-22

 Where has the month gone???

Morning, everyone.  Still no photos - they're just not happening this week, sorry.

Yesterday started with scrambled eggs (delicious) on toast (wholemeal) and I had some smoked salmon pate (very more-ish) on the other slice of toast.

Lunch was at the cottage and was cheese, pate, olives, etc, on ryvita, with a simple side salad followed by fruit.

Dinner worked well.  We had leftovers of chicken tagine into which I had tipped the leftover couscous.  We had it on a jacket potato and I cooked some pak choy, something I have never knowingly had before and which Suzanne had brought with her.  It was far from SW friendly as I stir fried it in a little butter and added a dash of cream.  REALLY nice!!  I must explore more SW appropriate ways of cooking it.

Today's food:
B:  probably weetabix, yogurt and fruit
L:  we might be out but if not it will be the same as yesterday - ryvita with cheese, pate and salad
D:  I have a little Be Good To Yourself gammon to cook and we will have it with a tomatoey/veg sauce, sprouts and, possibly, a bit of broccoli and the other head of pak choy - it sounds off, I know, but it should work.
E:  lots of walking.

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