Friday 23 March 2018

Five Frugal Fings

First of all, I have just replied to some of the comments from last week's post.  Sorry I didn't do it before.  :-)

1.  I've had some leftover bits this week.  Baked beans and the like.  I used to either eat them or, most usually, chuck them out.  It's a shame that smaller cans are
a)  much more expensive per 100g and
b)  not usually available in the frugal ranges
Anyway, I now have several little pots of bits and bobs so next week I will have to plan bits and bobs meals that will fit in with my diet rules.  Not that easy but, with some thought, I'm sure I can do it. 

2.  The ongoing saga of my clothes.  I haven't lost much weight over this last week.  Just a pound but not to be sniffed at so I'm not.  However, I have lost inches and I know that because three skirts that were just a bit too tight for comfort last Friday fitted beautifully just now.  One is a bog standard Matalan skirt but the other two are molto expensivo lined posh skirts that originally cost a shocking amount but had been huguely reduced at Boundary Mill.  They both still had their labels on so that's how I know.  I will wear them now because I guess it won't be long before they are too large and will be dropping off.   I'm so pleased about them.

3.  A very long time ago, I knitted two jumpers; one is a genuine Aran pattern and yarn and the other is a Guernsey style knitted in chunky.  I made them as an incentive but it obviously didn't work!!
They are still too small but - big but - I can now get them on.  They're too tight and those styles are meant to be loose anyway but they're on the 'keep checking' pile and next winter they will be just perfect.

All that not eating up the leftovers is frugal in more than one way, isn't it?

4.  I'm planning to have my bedroom redone at some point in the next two years.  That WON'T be frugal in the sense that it will be expensive but I'm doing it the right way - gathering info, ordering brochures, taking my time, talking to people and all the time I am saving, saving, saving.  No credit for me, thank you, interest free or not.  By the time I'm ready to commit, I will have the money ready (although it will need to include some of my saved 'lump sum').  Once done it will add a bit of value to the house and a lot of value to my life as there will be much more storage and I can organise things so much better.  It will be good.

5.  Lovely weather = drying clothes and bedding outside.  They dry well, iron much more easily and snell of sunshine.  I'm so glad we're heading for the washing on the line season and to see them out there lifts my spirits. 

What are your Frugal Fings this week?


  1. We would love to do our bedroom but that is three projects down on the list! No borrowing for that in this house either. Can't wait for outdoor drying weather either! Our utility company sends us a report regularly that shows we use more electricity than our neighbors, but that is mostly because all of our appliances are electric and I cook almost all meals at home. But it would be nice to lower the bills when we can hang clothes out on the line!

  2. You sound like your organised and focused Joy.