Thursday 15 March 2018

Thursday, 15-03-18

Good morning!
The cheesy tuna was really tasty so I've posted about it separately.

At the start of this liver shrinking diet, you may remember, I popped lots of 30g portion of muesli or oats into little pots to store in the fridge.  Yesterday I finished the last one so I made up some more as it's been really convenient.  They should do me for a month or so, I should think.  It's amazing how long a bag of oats or a pack of muesli lasts for when you measure out your portions.

Today's food is:
B:  muesli, yogurt, bit of stevia
L:  2 boiled eggs, carrot batons
D:  savoury mince and rice, yogurt.  I might chilli up the mince and add some pulses - kidney beans if I can find any on the freezer and, if not, chickpeas because I'm low on protein for lunch.  I'm finding it quite hard to get through two portions of protein in the middle of the day.
Ss:  apples

From the freezer:
The mince (already made and frozen) and the rice - just a small portion.  Actually, yesterday I found a random pot of mash so I need to use that as well at some point soon.  Fish cakes, maybe?

The frugal factor:
Breakfast and lunch are both reasonably frugal, especially as the muesli was free (a gift and I've just started on the last bag)
 Rice rarely costs much unless you go for the very fancy stuff or the pre-cooked-in-a-sachet- to-microwave type.
The mince has been bulked out with all sorts of veg, lentils and oats which is why I haven't added any more veg to the meal.  I reckon there's enough in the frozen portion.

There's still so much in the freezer, I swear the food reproduces overnight!  It's a long, slow thing, using it all up, especially on a restrictive diet, but great for the not-spending now and in future months.


  1. Good Morning Joy

    I totally agree with your last comment about freezer food taking a long time to use up. We are counting our calories and weighing food (boring & time consuming, but IT'S WORKING!). It's really brought home to us how easy it is to overeat if you're not on the ball with portion control.

    I'm going to try lentils to add to homemade soup (this is after reading so many blogs about using them). I just hope it's edible and doesn't end up in the bin! :-)

    Must dash - visitors are surfacing, looking for breakfast!

    Have a good day.


  2. Hi, Carol.
    Yes, it does work really well and I would say it becomes more habitual and less of a pain the more you do it and the sense of portion control does improve as you do it more.

    Lentils are great. Just add a few at first and then more next time, if you like.
    J x

  3. Evening Joy

    Thank you for the tip about adding a few lentils the first time, and add more as time goes on. Bought Split red lentils (or whatever they're called) and will add them when I make soup at the weekend! Yikes! :-)

    1. Red lentils are good to start with because they don't need soaking and cook in 15 to 20 mins - although you can cook them for longer if you want.
      J x