Thursday 8 March 2018

Thursday, 08-03-18

Good morning.
Yesterday was an odd day for food, one way and another, and I know I didn't eat enough.  I was busy and there wasn't time really but I've survived and will try to do better today.

The chicken tikka was delicious.  I was surprised as it's such a simple recipe, so have added it as a separate post.  Even within such a restricted regime, I'm collecting quite a range of tasty recipes and meals, which is going to be helpful for the future as well as now.

The plans:
B:  Porridge with yogurt
L:  crustless quiche with green salad
D:  salmon, SW chips, salad
Ss:  apples

From the freezer:
The salmon, and then I've used up all my frozen salmon. 
A few peppers for the quiche
Low fat cheese for the quiche

The frugal factor
Apart from the salmon which is, admittedly, not cheap, the rest is pretty good really.  The cheese is a very small portion, eggs are great value for what you get and the salads are very simple.


  1. The price of salmon, as with everything else, has really gone up lately. Pity, as I love salmon.

    1. Me too. Yes, sadly everything has, but it used to be a comparatively expensive fish and that's not so much so now. Other fish has caught up. You can get better value salmon in Aldi and, I believe, it is wild salmon too.

      I limit my portions to 100g which looks stingy but is absolutely the right amount for me.
      J x

  2. yes please to a post on how to make that chicken tikka!

    1. I've posted it now. It should be under this one. :-)
      J x