Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Wednesday, 21-03-18

Good morning.

Is there anything more comforting than good old beans on toast?  I produced that last night when Beth (daughter) and Alex (grandson, currently home from uni) were round and they both wolfed it down with great satisfaction, as did I!  They had grated cheddar on top but I was good and desisted.

Today's plans:
B:  porridge with stevia
L:  cheg and salad
D:  cheesy tuna on toast, 6 or 7 cherry tomatoes
Ss:  apples

Now and again I like to check that I'm still on target as far as portions are concerned.  It's all too easy to let things slide a bit without realising.
So . . .
B:  porridge - 1 carb and a bit of dairy (I make it half milk and half water)
L:  eggs - 1 protein; cheese - 1 protein (cheese can count either as dairy or cheese); salad - 2 veg; assorted seasonings (allowed)
D:  tuna- 1 protein; toast - 2 carbs; cheese - 1 dairy; tomatoes- 1 veg
Ss:  2 fruits
Yup, that's OK!

From the freezer
The cheese - low fat cheddar that has been finely grated.  It seems ro go such a long way when grated like that.
Bread for the toast

The frugal factor
The most expensive item will be the tinned tuna.  The rest is all very reasonable and easy to make too.  I can get it all done first thing, apart from any actual cooking, saving time later on when things are a bit busier.  It's good to be frugal with other resources too, including time.

In what other ways are you frugal?


  1. I’m a big fan of that tuna.

    1. I love tuna too and am looking forward to dinner time. :-)
      J x