Saturday 17 March 2018

Saturday, 17-03-18

Good morning!

I have discovered that the Jack-burgers are very tasty with a dollop of cottage cheese added to the mix!

Today's plans:
B:  porridge, natural yogurt and a bit of stevia
L:  the last two chicken thighs from yesterday with either a salad or some cooked veg (runner beans or green beans), seeing as it is bleak and snowy outside.
D:  baked salmon, small salad or cooked veg, SW chips or maybe I will cut the potato into circles rather than chip shapes today; fruit yogurt
Ss:  apples, if I can get to the shops,  as I am right out.

From the freezer:
The runners and/or green beans
The salmon - and if I decide to have hot veg in the evening too, it will be the other from runners or green beans.

The frugal factor:
Porridge.  It's a muesli day really but it is bleak and snowy out there and I decided on comfort over style!
Chicken thighs may be delicious but they are also very reasonably priced, especially if you buy then with skin and bone still on.
If I go for the cooked veg (and I am pretty sure I will) they are both last year's garden/allotment produce.

Where I found the chicken thigh recipe, there's also quite a lot of other tasty looking thigh recipes so I'll trawl through and see what else I can add to my repertoire, I think.  I'm a bit pushed for lunch ideas so it might be a very useful thing to do.


  1. I read the thigh recipe yesterday, it looks and sounds delicious and I'll be trying it. I love cottage cheese, I especially like it on toast spread with Marmite, or on a jacket potato with lots of black pepper.

    1. I'm not a great cottage cheese fan although it's OK with pineapple or smoked salmon or similar! It was great mixed with the beans, etc, for the burger though.
      The recipe really is tasty. I'm glad I discovered it.
      J x