Tuesday 6 March 2018

Tuesday, 06-02-18

Well, yesterday turned out to be a bit of a washout because I woke with a tummy upset so didn't have breakfast and had a couple of slices of dry toast for lunch.
That stayed put so I had the fish and a few SW chips for dinner (which are totally non-greasy) and they were OK too, thankfully.  I think, maybe, too much chewing gum on Sunday!  Serves me right.
Feeling fine today and, funnily enough, not too desperately hungry either!

Today's plans:
B:  muesli, natural yogurt and a bit of stevia
L:  broccoli soup
D:  gardener's pie (like cottage pie but with pulses and veg), runner beans.  Beth's coming to dinner so it must be vegetarian friendly.
Ss:  apples
Too much veg today but I didn't have any yesterday so no worries.

From the freezer
Mirepoix for the soup
Mixed peppers and pulses for the gardener's pie
A couple of portions of cheese for the cheesy mash topping of the pie (made for two)

The frugal factor
Well, really, all of it is going to be pretty frugal today.
The muesli was a gift.
The soup is made from a broccoli stem now the florets have been eaten.
Using pulses instead of meat is a great way to go, especially when they have been cooked from dried after soaking.  Cheaper than canned and very convenient because I can get out just what I need.
And the runner beans are from the garden, picked, prepped and frozen.It won't be too long now until I can have them fresh again so I must use up last summer's harvest!

I seem to be getting very short of frozen red kidney beans.  Must do some more soon.