Thursday 29 March 2018

Thursday, 29-03-18

Good morning, everyone.

The salmon pasta yesterday was really very tasty; another one to do again, definitely. 
It's cold today so I've changed a few things on my plan to make it a bit more warming.

B:  muesli and yogurt
L:  chicken, chickpea and veg soup
D:  cheesy sardines on toast, tomatoes (probably fried with spray oil); fruit yogurt
Ss:  apples

From the freezer:
The cooked chicken in stock, chickpeas and some chopped tomatoes for the soup
The bread for dinner

The frugal factor:
More or less all of it.  The muesli is gifted, the yogurt is home made, the chicken is from one of those Tesco special offers, the chopped tomatoes for the soup are from a savers can, the chickpeas are home soaked and cooked from dried, the bread is home made and sardines are a good, frugal choice.

Writing all of this down really helps me to be organised.  For example, once I have finished this entry or even before I've finished it and while it is still in my mind, I pop out the the freezer with a tray, if needed, get everything I need for the day and leave it in the kitchen to thaw.  It does save time later on and means I have everything there so no excuses!

Thanks so much for helping me by reading and commenting.  It really does make a big difference to my motivation!


  1. Afternoon Joy

    Mmmm.... It all sounds delicious. Such a good idea to write your daily menu down. I have been organising my food for the day in the morning too. Hubby isn't so organised (but he has more calories to play with each day), but getting better at it. It's still a work-in-progress buying for the freezer, but I'm sure I'll get there. Why didn't I think of taking a tray out to the freezer :-o

    Have a good evening.


    1. Well, it took me a long time before I cottoned on to the fact that it would be a lot more useful to have a tray! Also, small containers for things like peas, chickpeas, etc!
      You will get there and you will find a way that works well for you, I know.
      The soup really was lovely and I'm looking forward to dinner! :-)
      J x

  2. I menu plan, it simplifies my life do much.

    1. It really does, I agree. well worth the half hour or so once a week that it takes.
      J x