Wednesday 28 March 2018

Recipe: non packet stuffing

When I make stuffing, generally I have a packet in and I just jazz it up with some chopped ham or bacon and some extra herbs.  I was at my parents and they didn't have any in.
So I made this - and it was so simple and so scrummy I'm sharing it as a separate post so I can find it again easily.

Ingredients - amounts are to own taste and how much you want really.
some nice sausage meat (or you could strip the skin off a sausage or two)
fresh breadcrumbs (I zizzed some up from frozen - dead easy)
some finely chopped onion, softened in butter
a bit of garlic puree
some salt and pepper
dried mixed herbs (or herbs of choice)

Bung everything in a bowl and squidge it all together - I used my hands, it was much the easiest way.

Press the resulting 'stuff' into an oven proof dish.  I sprayed it over with spray oil.
Bake at about 180-ish for half an hour or more, depending on how much you have.  It goes nice and brown on the top.

There's loads of variations.
You could vary the herbs/spices used.  You could add some chopped nuts.  You could add some dried fruit; cranberries would be nice.  You could vary the type of sausage meat.  You could wrap it in bacon like pigs in blankets.  I'm sure you could think of more.

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