Friday 9 March 2018

Five Frugal Fings

1.  A few weeks ago I stayed in a Premier Inn for three nights and my towel was removed from my room as laundry by mistake.  It was a jumbo-big White Company towel so I reported it and got a night's stay refunded which was way more than the cost of the towel so I was well pleased.  I went into town on Wednesday intending to replace the towel and maybe get another one as well.  Much to my delight, not only were the towels greatly reduced, I was also allowed to use a £10 voucher I had so I treated myself to a room spray and the lot came just over a fiver more than I would have paid for one towel!  Brilliant.

2.  . . . and I still had a bit of money in hand, some of which I spent on a little white, ceramic single portion quiche dish for my crustless quiches.

3.  On the way home I resisted the very strong impulse to just 'pop in' to Hobbycraft.  That was a very frugal thing!  :-)

4.  I had a broccoli stalk so I made a rather nice soup using onion, celery, carrot, the stalk, some nice stock and a splash of milk.  It was easy and good, warming and filling!  Oh, and cheap!

5.  Just a little thing, I know, but we had some lovely sunshine at times this week and the sun shone through the big French windows so brightly that it warmed up the living room really well and the heating didn't click in at all.  Every bit helps.

(not my photo)


  1. Five excellent frugal fings.

    I'm the same when the sun shines, I fling all the curtains open wide and let it stream in, the animals approve and follow the patches of sunshine around the room as they travel, stretching out in the warmth. As soon as it goes in I go around the house pulling blinds down and closing curtains to trap my free warmth :-)

    1. It's heart-warming as well as room-warming. isn't it?
      J x