Friday 16 March 2018

Recipe: Chinese style orange marmalade chicken

I made this for lunch today as I had a dear friend over.

I used orange marmalade instead of lemon (because I had no lemon marmalade), I used garlic puree and just lemon juice, not zest, I had six chicken thighs and  garlic puree and I didn't use spring onions or broccoli.  No oil as I reckoned enough fat would come out of the chicken.  Oh, and I didn't really measure anything.
Apart from that, I followed the recipe!

I didn't eat the skin (it's now chopped up for the birds) and had no sauce (it wasn't necessary).

It was absolutely deeee-licious.

J had two, I had two, we both had salad and I did a jacket potato for J.
I now have two left for tomorrow's lunch.  Hoorah!

I tipped the sauce into a jug, will skim off all the fat and there's a sauce for another time or maybe a dressing for a salad.  If we hadn't nibbled the meat off the bones, I would have boiled them up for a bit of stock, but we did, so I didn't!

Not quite according to the eating regime but not all that far off.  And that flavour . . .

Photo tomorrow after lunch (if I remember).


  1. Replies
    1. The flavour was great, the chicken was so tender and it was the easiest thing in the world so it is definitely on the list of Things To Make Again. Chicken thighs are the most flavoursome part of the bird but I think it would be nice with drumsticks too or even a quarter. I'm also wondering about roasting the whole bird and treating it as a baste (which it is really).
      J x