Friday 9 March 2018

Friday, 09-03-18

Good morning.
Today's good news - 4 lbs off this week.  I might even meet Dr C's wish for me to try to lose 10% of body weight before the op at this rate and I never thought that would be possible. 

Today's plans:
B:  muesli with natural yogurt and milk
L:  chicken and veg soup
D:  beef stew, mash, veg
Ss:  apples

From the freezer
The chicken and mirepoix for the soup
The beef stew

The frugal actor
The stew was made from a lovely piece of skirt that I casseroled long and show with herbs and veg.  It's melt in the mouth and was on yellow sticker so very good value.
The chicken is the last I salvaged from a roast and froze with the stock from boiling up the carcass.

I've now finished my stocks of salmon and cooked chicken so next week I will dig into my money jar and replace them.   They're far too handy not to have and work so well in the liver shrinking regime.
For the cooked chicken, I will buy a whole chicken, roast it, take off all the meat and then boil the carcass for good stock.  That should provide me with a good few meals.  I think it's a disgrace, what they charge for a pack of pretty nondescript cooked chicken in the supermarkets.


  1. Wow, well done on the 4lbs loss, you're doing so well. Apparently, Tesco has large chickens on offer at £2.50 - sadly, we don't have a Mr T round here (amazingly, seeing as they seem to have one everywhere!).

    1. That's well worth knowing, thanks very much. I thought they were everywhere too - breeding like rabbits, you know! :-)
      J x

  2. Excellent weight loss, well done. It makes all the careful planning and working out really worth it.

    1. It does, Sue, thank you! And, hopefully, my liver is as shrinky as possible!
      J x