Tuesday 13 March 2018

Tuesday, 13-03-18

Good morning!

Yesterday's plans went a bit awry.  The main problem is that Monday is quite a cluttered day.  I have to be in school at 12:30 to help with Knitter Knatter Club and then I stay to help out in FS.  Then it's home but it's quickly followed by a bit of tutoring.  By the time that's all over, it is dinner time.  So there's no time for lunch unless it's really early and I'm not ready for lunch at 12:00.  I had an apple in the gap between nanny helping and tuition which was fine for me, OK for the calories but not right according to the diet sheet.
Still, I suppose it saves a bit of cash.

The bean and pasta soup, a recipe I got from my bloggy friend, Diane, was absolutely delicious and very filling too.  I shall make that again for sure.

Today's plans:
B:  muesli and natural yogurt
L:  chicken salad
D:  beans on toast, fruit yogurt
Ss:  apples

From the freezer
Seeing as I am roasting one of the chickens today, it'll be more a case of 'in the freezer'.  The only thing that will come out is bread for the toast.

The frugal factor
All of it really.  The chicken is great value, the muesli is a gift, the beans are savers and the bread is home made.
As for the yogurts, I really like Mullerlight.  Not the larger pots, the smaller ones that are 120g and just perfect for one portion of dairy according to the diet sheet.  They had them in Morrisons at £1 for a pack of four which is pretty good.  So I am stocked up for the next fortnight, more or less.

The chicken is thawed, I've just taken it out of the fridge to get to room temperature and in an hour I shall pop it into a slow-ish oven with some pepper, some bay leaves and a quartered lemon.  Once done, I will take off all the meat and boil the carcass, again long and slow (in my slow cooker which I don't use nearly as much as I should) until is is rich and flavoursome.  Once packed in 100g portions, it will replenish my freezer supplies!  I wonder how many portions I will get . . .


  1. Haven’t had beans on toast in ages...mmmmm

    1. Beth and I both love them so I don't feel I am skimping when we have them, even if I am really. (not to mention that they are good for the ongoing 'bunged up' problem!)
      J x

  2. I'm another one who loves beans on toast. Not frequently but every now and then they are simply lovely. I think it's the not eating them on a regular basis that makes them even more delicious when we finally do.

    It has to be just right though, the toast buttered so that the butter doesn't completely disappear, the right amount of bean to bread ratio and of course a huge mug of black coffee to wash it all down with.

    Now I've just written all that guess what I'm fancying for lunch ... haha :-)

    1. lol Well, unfortunately, I can't have the butter so it won't be perfect, but it is still tasty and I'm looking forward to dinner. :-)
      J x