Sunday 25 March 2018

Sunday, 25-03-18

Good morning!

As expected, the turkey casserole was delicious yesterday.  We don't call it that in the family, we call it hotpot, even though it isn't really as it doesn't have the potato topping, and it has always been a huge favourite.  There's always something very satisfying about turkey hotpot  several months after Christmas, a sense of dining well and being thrifty at the same time.  I made enough for six jolly good portions - that's just how it turned out - each portion a full meal with meat, potatoes, vegetables and gravy.  We had three portions, I will leave two portions behind for my parents which is very appropriate as they bought the turkey in the first place and the last portion is for Monday's dinner!  Nice one.

Today's plans:
B:  muesli and yogurt
L:  boiled eggs and carrot batons
D:  roast chicken dinner - chicken, roasties, carrots and sprouts with a few of the trimmings.  Stuffing too, but not for me!  Then fruit yogurt.

From the freezer:
The chicken and sausage meat for the stuffing

The frugal factor:
Apart from the fact that I am not paying for today's food, none of it will be terribly expensive.  One good sized chicken breast will be enough for the three of us and I will bake it in foil with herbs and lemon juice before slicing it thinly.  My dad is having baby haggis with his (haggis droppings, I call them) and I shall make a bit of stuffing with onion, sausage meat, sage and breadcrumbs, unless I can find a packet stuffing in their pantry.
I will do the roasties like SW chips; par boiled and then roasted in spray oil.  It works so well.

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