Thursday 1 March 2018

Thursday, 1-03-18

Good morning!

Firstly, the bread I made on Tuesday.  Yesterday, I took a photo of the inside when I sliced one up (for freezing) and look - lovely and light, not dense at all, despite being 100% wholemeal.

The sardine thing I had yesterday was lovely and here's the recipe (scroll down).
I've done a separate post on the recipe, here.

Today's plans:
B:  porridge with fruit yogurt (half a pot)
L:  2 egg omelette with onion, pepper and mushroom and a portion of low fat cheddar
D:  I'm having a go at making a bean burger with limited ingredients so fingers crossed.  I'll use a little bit of the lunchtime egg to bind it together.  If it doesn't work, I shall have it as a hash so nothing will be wasted.  Also salad and SW chips, then the other half of the fruit yogurt from this morning
Ss:  apples, as always (I often don't have room for these which is a shame)

From the freezer
The pulses for the burger (kidney beans, chick peas and butter beans)
The cheese
The pepper for the omelette

The frugal factor
Porridge - always frugal, always delicious and so, so good for you!
The pulses for the bean burger are all home soaked and cooked which makes them much better value than buying tins.  If they work and taste OK, I will post the recipe.
For what they are, eggs are a nice frugal option, even more so if you keep your own chickens (I don't!)

Even in this extremely cold weather (we had more snow yesterday) this diet is keeping me fed and satisfied so no complaints from me whatsoever.  With a bit more f & v and a bit more flexibility regarding when I have the portions, I shall continue with this happily.

Yesterday (or it might have been the day before) I sat in front of the screen and planned next week's meals and my mind went blank.  That was daft because there's plenty of choices, so I thought I would start a table listing the meals I have had so I can refer to it when the blankness descends.  I'll get going on it today and, hopefully, it will help.

Have a fantastically frugal day today!


  1. Your bread looks lovely. Homemade wholemeal bread really is delicious isn't it 😊

    I go exactly the same if I sit down with the intention of planning a menu for the week, completely blank, so a list of well loved foods and favourite meals or recipes would be a good idea. In fact I'm going to do that today and see if I can put together next weeks rations menu from all our favourites.

    1. It really is lovely. It has so much character, much more than shop bought four times the cost.
      I think making a list is really going to help in the longer term as well as the shorted term. I just have to remember to keep it up but that will get easier too, after a while, because I will repeat meals.
      Good luck with your plans.
      J x