Sunday 2 June 2019

Sunday, 02-06-19

Good morning.
Despite being at the house of plenteous grub, a.k.a. Dad's home, yesterday went pretty well with only a few slips.  I have to say, that cheese sandwich was so good.  Simple things often are the very best, aren't they?  This was just wholemeal bread, a dairylea triangle for butter and then 45g cheese (sliced), lettuce leaves, cucumber and tomato with a bit of mayo.  Mmmmmm.  If I'd been at home, I'd have taken a photo.

Today's food plans:
B :  fruit and natural yogurt (again)
Dad has grapes, strawberries and blueberries so that's what I will have.
SW:  free

L:  tuna salad
Dead simple; just some tuna and some salad veg - leaves, cucumber, tomato, celery and carrot with maybe the odd beetroot thrown in.
SW:  free unless I have 2 syns worth of mayo

D:  Lamb leg steak (slow roasted in the oven), Jersey royals, kale, broccoli and mint sauce.  Also a starter of  corn on the cob from last year's garden and frozen.  Dad will have butter on his but I, helpfully, prefer mine neat.
SW:  a bit of synning for the mint sauce - I have to look it up.

Ss:  sparkly water, fruit, two hi-fi bars for my healthy extra B

BM:  digging and weeding

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