Tuesday 25 June 2019

Tuesday, 25-06-19

Good morning!
No photos from yesterday.  It was a busy old day and I just forgot when I should have remembered and remembered when it wasn't needed!
I changed my plans for lunch.  By the time I got back from school (at about 2:15), I really didn't want soup as it was a very hot afternoon so I had a ham roll instead so that was my healthy extra B plus one and a half syns for a cheese triangle instead of butter.  It was very nice!

So, straight on to today's plans.
B:  cooked breakfast
I am bacon-wealthy at the moment (special from Morrisons) so it will feature in my meals for a while, not to mention a lot going into my freezer - yes, the one I'm supposed to be running down!!
So that will be bacon, egg, tomatoes and mushrooms and very nice too.
SW:  free

L:  asparagus and butterbean soup, melon
MUST have the soup today and I will probably stir in a little dollop of quark for extra creaminess (and protein).  I treated myself to some melon so I will enjoy some of that as well.
SW:  free

D:  egg wrap canelloni with either a salad or some roasted veg, depending on how I feel.
I will make a couple of egg wraps, get some cooked spicy turkey mince from the freezer, roll it in the egg wraps, spoon over some tomato sauce (home made, of course), add some grated cheese and bake it.  Yum.
If I have the roasted veg, it will be onion, squash, sweet potato, mushroom, pepper, tomatoes and baby corn - just a little bit of each, sprayed with oil and popped in the oven for half to three quarters of an hout.  I might sprinkle in some fajita seasoning or something similar.
SW:  two healthy extra As for the cheese

Ss:  yogurt, fruit, sparkly water

Body Magic:  probably nothing in particular so I will need to be more energetic as I move from place to place.


  1. I think you mentioned buying Jack Monroe's Tin Can Cook ... have I remembered correctly? Is so, what did you think of the recipes please,and are there any easily adapted to be SW friendly? Thanks

    1. Yes, that's right. I haven't looked at it in depth but there are several good points.
      She doesn't 'splash' stuff about, being very frugal so things like oil are measured carefully and, in some cases, one could cut that out and use frylight much of the time.
      There's a lot of healthy stuff and, being quite vegan in approach, uses pulses, vegetables, etc.
      It's now specifically SW friendly but, from what I've seen, some recipes can easily be adapted and there's some good ideas.
      To be honest, I got it to support Jack's work as much as anything else, and I am glad I did and will be able to use it.