Friday, 7 October 2022

Friday, 07-10-22

Good morning!
Weigh day at group this morning and I will be taking that as my starting point to lose a stone before Christmas.  It'll be up from last time but that's par for the course after a holiday like the one I have just had.  That's perfectly OK - gaining during a holiday is normal.

Jen posted the graphic below in our FB group and I'm going to use it to record progress.  Please feel free to download and use if you want to.

Yesterday's meals:

A nice, simple breakfast - just what I wanted.  
I very much enjoyed this - the wrap was very flavoursome and the salad nice and crunchy.

Dinner was just curry and rice.  It was tasty and I enjoyed it.
No room for any dessert.

Today's plans

B:  nothing
I think I'm going to skip breakfast.  There's a good reason for this - I eat breakfast late anyway and today I have SW group and then, shortly afterwards, a friend is coming around for lunch so there won't be time to prepare much anyway.  Add to that the fact that I'll be having lunch earlier than usual anyway and it makes sense to skip breakfast.  If I am feeling really hungry after being weighed, I will take a banana that I could have if needed.
SW: either nothing or free
L:  Mexican pork one pot, salad, maybe a wrap 'basket'; fruit
I made the one pot yesterday and it tastes absolutely delicious.  Synning it is tricky as it is not on the SW site so I am going to estimate six syns - the ingredients I provide are all speed/free/B but the actual spices have some synnable stuff in them.
I've added extra speed veg to the one pot - onion, pepper, mushroom and baby corn.
SW:  one healthy extra B if I make wrap baskets and six syns

D:  bacon, egg and chips; yogurt
I really fancy this, I'm not sure why.   The bacon is bacon steaks so thicker than just bacon, more like gammon.
I might add a little salad but I will see how I feel later.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

E:  a walk to group and back (weather permitting) and bits and bobs at home.

no healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
six and a half syns

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