Saturday 22 October 2022

Saturday, 22-10-22

Good morning:
This last week, the main meals have more or less focused on two pouches of rice.  While that was going on, I found other recipes I wanted to try so this will coming will be all about them.
At the same time, I want lunches to focus on leftovers from the freezer (when possible but not over this weekend) so the daily syns total will probably be a bit higher than usual - but still within SW limits, of course, and the calories will also be fine

Fingers crossed.

By the way, both pouches of rice were really nice, not so much on their own but when mixed with the ret of the meal.  For two and a half syns, and 75p, that's not bad at all and I will be getting a few more next time I am that way.

Yesterday's meals

I had really wanted this and it didn't disappoint.  Yes, I know it should be thick white doorsteps, lathered in butter, but I happen to prefer it with spray fried wholemeal bread anyway.  Truthfully, I do, I'm not making the best of it.
I had just one tbsp. crucials brown sauce (that was enough) with it and the tomatoes are the dregs from the garden so tasted awesome!
You can't see that the rice is on lettuce leaf 'cups' but it is and it tasted great.  If I hadn't used up my B, I might have made a wrap basket for it although that would have been carb overload really.
To make this, I used the other half of the dirty rice and I jazzed up a portion of basic mince by spray frying onion and red pepper, adding garlic granules and dried chilli flakes and then adding in the portion of the basic mince from the freezer and, finally, some mixed beans, also from the freezer.  It was good!

Today's meal plans:

B:  pancakes or waffles, fruit and yogurt
It's Saturday, I'm feeling a bit better - why not celebrate!
SW:  a splash of healthy extra A, one healthy extra B, half a syn for yogurt

L:  lentil and vegetable slice, salad; fruit
I found this while searching for something else.  It's on the Olive site, here.
I'll use spray oil and roast the veg in the Ninja to cut both calories and fuel and make a quarter amount.  It's basically a sort of frittata/tortilla/quiche type recipe but sounds nice and should cook in the Ninja.
SW:  as I am using spray oil, this should be syn free unless I make some coleslaw in which case it will take one syn of the 70% less salad cream

D:  cheesy meatball pasta bake, side veg; yogurt
Another recipe from the fantastic Slimming Eats site.  Some people just have a genius for creating delicious and healthy meals.  This one looks fantastic.
I might use pork mince rather than beef mince - it really depends what comes to hand.
SW:  one healthy extra A, one syn (maybe a bit less) for a few breadcrumbs and half a syn for the yogurt

E:  Lindsey's homework.

two healthy extra As (I will make up the second one with café au laits)
one healthy extra B
two syns


  1. I must look out for those new rice pouches, I do like using them, they're very useful. xx

    1. I hope you find them - as you say, so very useful and so easy to heat too. xx