Sunday 2 October 2022

Sunday, 02-10-22

Morning, everyone.
Getting back on track isn't as easy as it could be and yesterday was a bit of a struggle.  However, I will fight and I will win!!
It's really helping that Cherie is on a similar journey to me with a similar goal and target.  A buddy always helps and here's to us, Cherie!!
Yesterday's food:

Breakfast was scrambled eggs on toast.  No photo because Suzanne was still here but it was delicious.

A total change of plan for lunch because I realised I had plenty of bits and bobs left from the holiday so I blew my healthy extras with ryvita, some brie and some onion cheddar plus a few garden tomatoes.  I wasn't going to waste the cheese - it was flippin' expensive for a start - and it needed eating up.  The brie was trying to escape!!

And then I went and forgot to photo dinner.  I didn't make loads in the end because I am hoping to have some stuff left over from today's lunch.
It was just the pasta bake as described yesterday but without the cheese on top because - well, lunch!

Today's food plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt
I won't photo breakfast as I'm having it in dribs and drabs.
SW:  speed and free

L:  roast chicken dinner; fruit
I have a chicken crown that I got for when Alex comes over and that's today!  With it I'm having roasties, roast parsnips, carrot, sprouts and broccoli.  I will probably spend a few syns on some chutney to go with the chicken and Alex will have gravy.
SW:  one and a half syns if I have chutney

D:  Moroccan inspired chicken and chickpea thingy, couscous; yogurt
OK, I know this sounds weird.
In Sainsbury's, I saw a little pot of Moroccan Style paste which I got.  I have chickpeas left over from last week which MUST be eaten.  I will have chicken left over (I will make sure I do).  I have plenty of veg.
So I will use the paste (not on the SW site so I will use the '20cals=onesyn' formula), a selection of veg like onion, peppers, baby corn, etc, the chicken, some chopped tomatoes, some dried apricots and some couscous and fingers crossed, eh?
SW:  a quarter of the paste is one syn, all the other ingredients are speed or free and the yogurt will be half a syn while 60g dried apricots is one healthy extra B

E:  another lazy day, I fear - back to normal tomorrow

no healthy extra As (but I had enough yesterday to cover today too!)
one healthy extra B
three syns

Please send as much motivation and will power as you can possibly spare!!  Many thanks.


  1. Hello lovely lovely Joy. You are such an awesome friend and inspiration to me so you just keep on keeping on! I’m clawing back a smidge at a time and I’m ok with that! I’ve just roasted all the harvested tomatoes today and they smell and taste so so good ! Rachel x

    1. Aw, how lovely of you, thank you. You can do it and it doesn't matter whether we take the straight road or the scenic route as long as we keep on travelling. I love roasted tomatoes - so delicious.