Sunday 30 October 2022

Sunday, 30-10-22

 Good morning, everyone.

Yesterday's back to it Day one went fine until the evening when I had a lot of cravings.  However, I didn't give in to them so I'm very happy about that.  This morning, I feel 100% on it again and even managed to sleep a bit longer than usual which sort of 'absorbed' the time change.  It's nice not to have a longer day that usual.

I've agreed with Jen (SW consultant) to keep a diary for her for four weeks - no hardship on my part but brave of her - she knows how detailed my diaries are!!!

Yesterday, I made some red onion chutney in my slow cooker.  The recipe is syn free but I did add a bit of proper demerara sugar to the sweetener granules (which is negligible per portion) for the flavour it imparts and, right at the end, added some dried cranberries which, again, would be negligible per portion but I'm going to call it half a syn per portion.

Here's the recipe:
I made half amounts, one for the four tbsps sweetener was demerara and I added 50g (eight syns) of Whitworth dried cranberries (left over from making the Christmas cake).
It's quite sweet but really very nice.  Maybe, next time I will use just three tbsps sweetener, not four.
But for now, I have two full Bonne Maman sized pots of lovely, dark onion chutney to enjoy which I am calling half a syn per portion because I know I will get more than eight servings out of each jar.
Yesterday's meal photos:

Just an ordinary cooked breakfast but very tasty.  Some of the tomatoes are still from the garden.  I will so miss them when they finally stop.

Later on, I had an easy peeler.
The Welsh rarebit for lunch was really very tasty, much nicer than it looked.  I'll be making that again.

Dessert was an orange and later on I had an apple

The potato waffle pie worked very well and, given that the mince was cooked and portioned in the freezer, an absolutely doddle to make.

I added some peas to the mince and spooned it all into the dish  before sprinkling over the rest of my healthy A cheese and topping with a frozen potato waffle (I just had to trim the end slightly) and baking in the oven while the vegetables cooked.

Dessert was a yogurt.

Today's plans:

B:  yogurt and fruit
I have apple, orange, plum and blueberries plus whatever there is in the freezer.
SW:  half a syn for 2% yogurt

L:  roast beef dinner; fruit
With the roast beef, I plan to have roasties, roasted parsnip, carrots, sprouts and broccoli plus some horseradish and a bit of gravy.  Not Yorkshires though.
SW:  one syn for horseradish and two for gravy

D:  roast beef sandwich, carrot and celery sticks, onion chutney; yogurt
I'll use cheese triangles instead of butter.
SW:  up to one healthy extra A for cheese,  half syn on onion chutney and half a syn for yogurt

E:  a walk round some shops and some Lindsey exercises

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
four and a half syns


  1. Do you remember where you bought the square dish you cooked your potato waffle pie in? It looks the perfect size for a single portion and presumably is oven safe.

    1. I think it was Matalan. It says 'Homestore' underneath - is that Matalan? Next time I go, I will have a look and see.
      They really are a great size for one. xx

    2. It doesn't say oven safe but it is, all the same. :-) xx