Sunday 16 October 2022

Sunday, 16-10-22

Good morning.

Yesterday's meal photos:

Unusually, starting off with a 'snack'.  I did an early shop and made a positive decision to buy this and enjoy it.  
I really did enjoy it too - I love salt and vinegar flavour - and was happy to add six syns to my total (which was only half a syn before anyway)
I decided to keep both slices of bread for my lunchtime soup.  
It was a very tasty breakfast.

One of these decades, I will make a one portion soup.  In the meanwhile, I will be very glad that there's a second portion of this really lovely leek and potato soup for later on today.

The mince and potato thingy worked really well and I will add it to my list of 'things to make'.  Beef and potato layer bake!
SW would be proud of me - it may look a right plateful but around three quarters of it is speed veg when you take into account what's in the layer bake as well as what's on the side.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt
I haven't had just this for a while and, as lunch is a big one, a lighter breakfast seems a very good idea.  I have blueberries, pears, grapes, apples, plums, oranges and bananas to choose from - no, I won't have all of them but I will probably turn it into a fruit salad and leave some for lunch.
SW:  half a syn for 2% Greek yogurt

L:  gammon, roasties, parsnips, assorted veg; fruit salad
I almost always have a Be Good To Yourself gammon available.  It's super-lean, tastes good and has a long fridge life.  I will be boiling this one as I want the stock to make soup with afterwards.
I think I will make a spiced apple sauce to have with the gammon plus all the usual veg.  I won't be synning the cooked apple but I will syn the demerara sugar I will use.
SW:  I can't imagine I will need more than one tbsp sugar for the sauce so that will be one and a half syns.  I think the rest will be free, protein or speed

D:  leek and potato soup with added gammon, croutons; yogurt
I was going to use the gammon stock to make soup for dinner but I have yesterday's leftovers of leek and potato so that stock will have to wait for another day!  I'll add some ham to the soup to give it a bit more substance, I think.
SW:  one healthy extra for bread and half a syn for yogurt

E:  A rest day today as I'm feeling quite rough with this cold

no healthy extra As (but, thinking about it, I might add some cheese to my leek and potato soup)
one healthy extra B
two syns

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