Friday 2 December 2022

Friday, 02-12-22: Christmas challenge day 2

 Good morning to you!

It's Friday so time for Slimming World group and the weekly weigh-in.  I don't hold out great hopes for this week after Tuesday's (I think it was Tuesday) little slip up but a maintain would be great.  

Tomorrow it Christmas Day in this home and Beth and Al are coming over.  We decorate the tree, clear up afterwards, have a nice buffet and watch Christmas movies.  I'm planning a rather more healthy effort than previous years.  Not totally healthy but  . . . well, you get the idea, I am sure.  Any suggestions gratefully received.

Ten healthy habits for Christmas
2.  Stay hydrated
You're more likely to become dehydrated with all the extra booze, fizzy drinks, teas and coffee on offer at this time of year.  Even mild dehydration can lead to a headache, especially combined with diuretic effects of alcohol.  Aim for about eight glasses of water a day

Yesterday's meal photos:

Before the online SET class, I had an orange for energy.

These baked oats were so good.  In a blender, 40g oats, one egg, almost a small pot's worth of 2% yogurt and some seasonal skinny syrup and when that was all blended, I added one level tbsp mincemeat.
It baked in Nellie, 170 for ten to twelve minutes and the choccy sauce was an afterthought for another syn.
So, so delicious!

Another scrummy meal.  I will do this again; it was so easy.

I softened onion, red pepper and mushroom in spray oil and added garlic granules and fajita spice - not much of either.

I tipped that into a small, over proof dish.  I laid slices of chicken over (I bought a pack of cooked chicken but leftovers would work really well here, as will turkey) and over the chicken I spread one level tbsp onion chutney.  It was supposed to be cranberries but by the time I got in from shopping and cleared everything away, I just couldn't be bothered.  That's another half syn.

Finally, I sprinkled over some grated cheddar and popped the lot in Nellie for five minutes at 200, air fry.
So good!

I had a couple of easy peelers later in the afternoon.

Dinner was the SW chicken tikka lasagne.  Was it good?  Frankly, no, it really wasn't at all nice and, sadly, over three quarters of it went into the food recycling bin.  You live and learn but what a waste, eh?
Never again.

The Mullerlight I had for dessert was very nice indeed and, fortunately, I'm not feeling particularly hungry.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit salad with Christmas spiced yogurt
I might use home made spice or I might be lazy and use a skinny syrup to spice up the yogurt
SW: half a syn if I use 2% Greek yogurt

L:  cheesy chicken toastie, salad sticks; fruit
I was going to use some turkey nut I have cooked chicken to ue up and that will be just as good.  I will add a bit of my onion chutney if I don't get round to making anything cranberry-ish.
SW:  one healthy extra B, probably one and a half healthy extra Bs, half a syn for one tbsp of the chutney, if I have it.  A cranberry thing will be free as I will use Sugarly

D:  kedgeree, maybe some side veg; yogurt
The kedgeree is a SW recipe, link here if you have access to the site.
It says to use 350g rice (for four) so I am guessing the portions are quite large so I might cut it down even more so I can have some broccoli on the side.
SW:  the recipe says it is free and it will be half a syn for the yogurt


around one and a half healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
one and a half syns

The Christmas Challenge is to have at least one meal each day with a Christmas Festive vibe to it while staying within the Slimming World Plan.
Please feel free to copy/use anything you see and like.  


  1. I love kedgeree, not had it for a while. I have smoked haddock in the freezer so that's on the menu for next week, thanks Joy xx

    1. It's a very tasty dish, isn't it? A sort of different culture risotto! Enjoy xx