Monday 19 December 2022

Monday, 19-12-22: Christmas challenge day 10

 Good morning!

 I am not stopping the Christmas challenge, but it's getting increasingly hard to make things fit into the SW plan so, just for this week, I won't be linking all my plans to SW although, probably, mostly they will work well with SW.
That doesn't mean I am going bonkers because I'm not but there are times when I want to break out.

Yesterday's meals:
I didn't photo breakfast.

This was more or less what I had prepped for Saturday lunch.  Half the pizza was 220 calories (and too many syns) - one example of when SW and calories give entirely different pictures and I can see why one can get a bit frustrated with SW.  Eleven syns paints an entirely different pictures to 220 calories plus whatever the salad was.

Rather than have a repeat Christmas dinner and, as I had made a rather delicious looking wholemeal loaf through the day, I decided to have a Christmas sarnie instead.  Cheese spread instead of butter, stuffing, turkey and cranberry sauce.  It was delicious!

Today's plans:

B:  fruit
I have a very busy morning so I suspect breakfast will be eaten on the run; fruit is much the easiest thing.

L:  the rest of the pizza and the rest of the salad; fruit
The pizza was nice yesterday and it was filling so I'm looking forward to having it again.

D:  Christmas risotto; yogurt
I have cooked ham and cooked chicken to use up (the turkey has all gone)so I thought I'd use it in a sort of risotto or savoury rice with a couple of crumbled chestnuts and some cranberry sauce.  If I use onion, red pepper and mushrooms, that will make a very substantial meal.

Later in the evening I will be having an online Christmas chat with some very dear friends and there will be a bit of alcohol involved.  Not a lot, just a bit!

E:  circuits

(no summary this week)

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