Wednesday 14 December 2022

Wednesday, 14-12-22: Christmas challenge day 14

    Good morning to you!

More healthy habits for Christmas
Plan your shopping trips to avoid temptation
It's just to easy to shop until you drop and then succumb to the nearest tempting food outlet.  Take something with you, prep your meal at home so it is ready or decide in advance where you are going to eat and what.  That way you stay in control.
Yesterday's meals:
My delicious cooked breakfast after Groove aerobics.  I semi-scrambled the egg rather than spray frying it, to soak up any flavour left in the pan by the bacon and mushrooms.
I do love a toastie as I'm sure you have noticed.  I enjoyed this very much.

Later on, I had easy peelers.

And then, sadly, it all disintegrated and I are rubbish which I'm not going to detail.
Oh, well.  Moving on . . .

Today's plans:

B:  Christmas spice porridge, easy peelers
I'll be using up the last of the festive spice mix so I must make up some more.  Does anyone else feel that easy peelers, satsumas, mandarins, etc, etc, etc, have such a Christmassy vibe about them?
SW:  one healthy extra B, half a healthy extra A

L:  pasta alla rustica, fruit
From the freezer.
Unusually, I didn't write any syns on the lid and I can't be bothered top trawl back through countless messages.  Perhaps I ought to have used the label function - maybe I will start in the New Year so I can find things more easily.
SW:  I vaguely remember it wasn't very much and it was only about a quarter of the kit anyway so I'm calling it two syns and fingers crossed.

D:  lamb rogan josh, rice or pasta; yogurt
I know - pasta with a curry.  That's all wrong.  But I have Festive shaped pasta and I'm not cheffy so - tough!  :-)
SW:  I'm pretty sure this is a SW recipe and, again, nothing on the lid, so I expect it will be syn free.  Half a syn for the yogurt.

E:  personal training, online today because the side roads are still like ice.

two healthy extra As (I'm using the rest for milk)
one healthy extra B
two and a half syns, but it will be more because I will have a hot chocolate at some point.

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