Tuesday 27 December 2022

Tuesday, 27-12-22 and . . .

 . . . back to what passes for normal in this household.

Good morning, everyone.
Things wouldn't be right without a challenge so here's one for me (and you, if you like).

The Leftovers Challenge:
This is simply to deal with all the leftovers (of which there are far too many and excepting the alcohol which keeps fine) in a healthy, slimming world friendly manner.

This will segue into the next challenge which will be to live off what I already have for a month - apart from fresh f&v and dairy.  But more about that once the festive leftovers have been sorted.

There's loads and loads of turkey so I am going to have to be pretty inventive, I think.  I will also have lots of turkey stock to flavour things nicely.
Ditto cheese, unfortunately, although some will freeze OK.

Yesterday's meals:

I have to say, proper American pancakes, the full fat version, are very nice indeed.  I have two left that will go into the freezer for another time.
The second Christmas dinner.  This time it was turkey, a vegetarian savoury crumble, red cabbage, cauliflower cheese, roasties, carrot and swede mash, gravy and cranberry sauce.  No-one wanted pudding, etc.

Tea was not a meal, more a series of nibbles.  My tum is now rebelling and I am very glad to be getting back to much cleaner food again.

Today's plans:

B: bubble and squeak, bacon, egg
There's plenty of leftover veg and I read that half potato, half other veg is the way to go - so go I will!  There may be some patties for the freezer too - we will see.
SW:  I think this should be syn free, as long as I use spray oil.  If I dust the patties with flour, I will syn what I use.

L:  chunky turkey soup, bread for dunking; fruit
This is just chunks of turkey, both white and brown meat, and some veg, simmered in turkey stock.  My dear Mum made this every year the day after Boxing Day and Dad absolutely loved it so when I took over doing Christmas, I always made some to take over for New Year - we called it turkey hotpot rather than turkey soup.
SW:  again, this should be syn free apart from the bread which is a healthy extra B

D:  festive ravioli, tomato and veg sauce, fresh veg; yogurt
The idea of this is to make some wholewheat pasta and, instead of turning it into spaghetti or tagliatelle type stuff, to make some filled ravioli with finely chopped turkey, cranberry and stilton.
I will use an oil and egg free pasta recipe so it should equate to dried pasta which is a free food on SW - so I will count it as free food too.
Fingers crossed it works, please.
SW:  stilton doesn't count as a healthy extra A but I am going to count it as such.  A slight cheat, I know.  The yogurt is half a syn, the cranberry sauce will be one and a half syns

E:  Lindsey has a well deserved week off so there are no classes until next Tuesday.  I will do one or two online classes - good old YouTube!

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
two syns plus whatever the flour dusting comes to

Not a bad start top the leftovers challenge, I think.


  1. I'm gradually working my way through the leftovers. Bubble and squeak for me today too. Yesterday I did a leftovers casserole - softened some onions, added leftover turkey chunks, leftover veg and a bit of gravy, the sliced up some cold roasties to put on the top and warmed it through in the oven. It would have worked well in the air fryer but I don't have a suitable sized dish for mine. It was delicious anyway! xx

    1. And the turkey curry of course!

    2. It all sounds absolutely delicious! Must make the curry today as it tastes so much better second day! xx