Sunday 25 December 2022

Sunday, 25-12-22: Christmas Day - Christmas food

 Good morning, everyone.  Today is not a day for careful eating, healthy planning, syns, points, calories, etc.

So here's today's festive randomness

My plans:

Breakfast:  I am torn between proper pancakes (the full fat version) with bacon and maple syrup or a good old doorstep bacon sandwich with some of the white bread I made earlier and - gasp - butter!
Hmmm - decisions, decisions.  Maybe one today and the other tomorrow which means sandwich today while the bread is still super fresh.
And Bucks Fizz - that's a non negotiable and so low in alcohol it won't stop me doing the . . . . 

Christmas Dinner:  it's conventional, traditional stuff.  A KellyBronze turkey with roasted potatoes, parsnips, sweet potatoes and shallots, carrots, broccoli and sprouts, piggies (meat and vegetarian), cranberry sauce and gravy.  Pudding is grapes, Christmas pud and/or mince pie.  If (a big i8f) anyone wants more, there's cheese and crackers.
Plus sparkly stuff, of course.

Christmas tea:  I've given up on a big buffet.  Cheese and crackers, a few nibbles and Christmas cake with copious cups of tea are all we have room for!

I made a fresh load of white bread yesterday.  Between the smell of that and the stock being made, the house smelled fabulous all day.
Recipe is for my Thermomix so I can't take credit for any hard work.  It stays in the bowl to rise and then is knocked back down before I get it out for the load tin.  I love making bread.

I've brought the turkey in to get up to room temperature; it goes in at ten thirty to come out and twelve thirty and rest for an hour.
I have some of the veg to prepare - I decided to leave them until this morning as I have plenty of time and enjoy a gentle kitchen potter.  The roasted veg will do in Nellie - a lot less bother than in the oven and frees up space to warm the plates and serving dishes.
The stock is ready for the bisto (sorry!).
The piggies are still in the freezer - they can cook from frozen, if needs be.
The pud and the pies just need reheating as needed!  Ditto the custard.
It's just a posh roast dinner, after all.

It just remains for me to say a very happy Christmas to you and yours, no matter how you spend it.  Thank you for reading my ramblings this year.


  1. Merry Christmas Joy! Have a lovely day and thanks for all your writings

    1. It's Chrissie BTW, my browser won't let me sign in to comment properly

    2. Thanks very much, Chrissie. Lovely to hear from you. xx