Saturday 3 December 2022

Saturday, 03-12-22: Christmas challenge day 3

Good morning to you!  
I was so pleased with half a pound off at Group yesterday - lots of us lost half a pound and we reminded each other that slow and steady wins the race.  The third day of my Christmas Challenge* and I have some likely looking recipes to try over the challenge.

Having said that, today is tricky because it is our Christmas Tree Day and Beth and Alex will be over to celebrate it with me.  We're having a nice celebratory buffet.  The good thing is, Alex is also eating healthily and has requested nothing too 'naughty' so that should help.  The less good thing is the alcohol so today's healthy habit, below, is perfectly timed!
Ten Healthy Habits for Christmas
No 3.  Try non-alcoholic drinks
To easily manage the quantity of alcohol you are consuming, alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  There are so many great zero alcohol beers, wines, vodkas and gins out there, or try one of our mocktails 
Yesterday's meal photos:
Breakfast was just fruit and I didn't take any photos.

You can't lose with a toastie, can you.  This was delicious - chicken, cheddar cheese and hm cranberry sauce plus a salad on the side.
The SW kedgeree recipe was surprisingly delicious but, as with all SW recipes, huge.  I quartered the recipe and still have loads for breakfast.  I can pretend I am upper class as I enjoy my breakfast kedgeree, perhaps with a poached egg!!
I knew it would be a big one (they always are) so didn't bother with adding any egg.
It was a more complicated recipe in that it had several stages to it and used a number of pans but none of the stages were tricky in the slightest.

No dessert.

Today's plans:

B:  kedgeree, heated up from yesterday
I'm really looking forward to this - I might poach an egg to go on top.
SW:  syn free

L:  Nothing.  I don't have breakfast until around eleven and it will be very filling,  Then the buffet will probably be earlier than I usually eat so there really is no need for lunch.  If I do get peckish, I can have an apple.

D:  Christmas Tree Day buffet
So looking forward to this.  I'm planning . . .
  • hm mushroom pate with hm melba toast (Beth loves my mushroom pate and it is so easy in Thermione)
  • ham (I need to cook the ham this morning - it is a Sainsbury's Be Good To Yourself ham so lovely and lean)
  • hummus with veggie dippers and tortilla chips (Alex's request)
  • veggie sausage rolls (there are NOT SW friendly but it is a family traditional thing)
  • a nice mixed salad
  • and for afters, a fruit platter and, if wanted, a mince pie (but I won't get any mince pies from the freezer until Beth and Alex get here and I can ask them how many)
And Bellini cocktails - ooops!  But I do have plenty of soft, sugar free drinks too.
SW:  unknown

Exercise:  putting up and decorating the Christmas Tree - harder work than you would think.

unknown today but I will try to be careful.

*The Christmas Challenge is to have at least one meal each day with a Christmas Festive vibe to it while staying within the Slimming World Plan.
Please feel free to copy/use anything you see and like.  


  1. I'm so pleased for your loss at SW, Joy. Your celebratory menu sounds lovely, have a wonderful day with Beth and Alex xx

    1. Thank you so much, Sooze. I'm so looking forward to today. xx