Thursday 29 December 2022

Thursday, 29-12-22: Christmas leftovers challenge


Well, making the wholewheat pasta was interesting.  As you use 100g flour per one egg, I went for 50g wholewheat plain flour.  As it was the first time I'd tried wholewheat, I decided to use half a tsp olive oil (one syn) and, as I needed beaten egg to construct the ravioli, I used half of it in the dough.
It did work although it was quite 'short' but also a bit sticky so extra flour was used (let's call it another syn).  I think I should have left it to rest for longer than fifteen minutes and will remember that next time.
With the amount I made, I had enough to make six ravioli (I am assuming that's the plural version) and I re-rolled the rest, wrapped the sheet carefully and am going to use it to make a leftovers lasagne for tomorrow.
I'm really trying not to waste anything!  When you think how expensive fresh pasta is, it really is economical to make it yourself, if it is really nice, and I am going to be investigating possibilities!
Yesterday's meals:

Beans on toast.  Plain and simple and very tasty!  Also very SW friendly.

Lunch was absolutely gorgeous and almost all leftovers.  I have now used up all my cooked vegetables and can start using up the fresh stuff.

I added some fajita spice to the mix and it worked so well.

It didn't need any salad, there was enough.

Dinner was the experimental ravioli and I am going to call it a success.
I didn't cook the made ravioli for quite long enough; it was just a bit too al dente for wholewheat.  The filling was gorgeous. as was the sauce.  I added some grated not-Parmesan for my other healthy extra A.

Maybe, next time, try a half and half?

Today's plans:

B:  bacon, egg and beans
The beans are leftovers from yesterday as half a can is usually more than enough!
SW:  should be syn free

L:  festive arancini, salad; fruit
I've never made arancini but know of it and have wanted to try it.  It's usually in order to use up leftover rice but this time it's pretty much everything else that will be leftovers, not the rice!
The recipe I am basing it on is below, copied from the Guardian site (which is still free but you do have to register) and, obviously, I am adapting it and hoping!
For a start, I will be air frying, not deep frying, the good glug of oil will probably translate into one tsp for two syns as I think it will need a bit of oil, I won't be using mozzarella as I don't have any, cheddar will have to do, and the breadcrumbs will be part of a healthy extra. 
As I'm having curry for dinner, I will cook the rice early, use some for this and reheat the rest for dinner.
To the rice I will add cheese, onion, stuffing, turkey and a few dried cranberries, chopped.  I'm wondering about a bit of balsamic vinegar too . . .
SW:  up to two healthy extra and a few syns for stuffing, cranberries, etc, let's call it four to be on the safe side.

D:  turkey and veg curry; yogurt
I made the curry yesterday and am hoping the flavours will have developed and matured.
I used a Spice Queen spice mix and they are always SW free.  The only synny thing I might add is a bit of 2% yogurt (if it hasn't gone off over Christmas)
SW:  half a syn for yogurt


up to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
four and a half syns

This is the recipe I am basing my arancini on - obviously, very much adapted.  Fingers crossed, please.

1 good glug virgin or light olive oil
½ onion, finely diced
½ stick celery, finely diced
1 clove garlic, peeled and minced
Salt and black pepper
250g cooked rice or leftover risotto, refrigerated
30g parmesan, grated
60g mozzarella, cut into six pieces
30g flour
1 egg, beaten
50g breadcrumbs or crushed stale potato crisps
Oil, for deep-frying

Heat the oil in a small saucepan over a medium flame. Add the onion, celery, garlic and a pinch of salt, and fry, stirring, for five minutes. Remove from the heat, tip into a bowl with the cold rice and parmesan, mix everything well until it sticks together and season to taste. Divide the mixture into six portions, and form each one into a firm ball around a 2cm piece of mozzarella. Roll the balls in the flour, shake off any excess, roll in the egg, shake off any excess, then roll in the crushed potato crisps or breadcrumbs, to coat.

On a medium heat, bring a small saucepan one-third full of frying oil to 170C (test the temperature by dropping a small piece of rice or a crumb into the oil – if it bubbles to the surface, the oil is ready). Carefully lower the arancini into the hot oil, fry for two to three minutes, or until golden-brown, and enjoy. If you have any leftover egg, flour and crisps, mix them all together and fry as a small omelette snack to have alongside the arancini.


  1. Well done on making ravioli, it looks great! I tried it once but it was too much of a faff. Lol! xxx

    1. It was a faff but not as much as I thought it might be. :-) xx